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Setting Up Your Non-Traditional Division for Success

Why a Non-Traditional Division Needs Its Own Purpose-Built System

Non-traditional education divisions play a crucial role for modern-day colleges and universities. They not only help serve the education needs of underserved communities but also bring in revenue for the education institutions that they are part of. 

Yet, despite the value they bring, non-traditional divisions have to work with makeshift systems and infrastructure for their day-to-day operations and to serve their learners. Some even have to work with main campus systems that are just not equipped to meet the needs of non-traditional learning.

In this paper, we explore the challenges of relying on traditional systems, and how you can set your non-traditional division for success. By prioritizing a purpose-built system, non-traditional education divisions stand to:

  • Modernize the learner experience
  • Reduce their staff’s administrative burden and achieve operations efficiency
  • Strengthen their ties with the main campus

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