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Virginia Cooperative Extension

Improving Efficiency and Protecting Decentralization at Virginia Cooperative Extension

A Case Study

Destiny One is helping Virginia Cooperative Extension maintain its focus on locally-responsive programming while improving access to all offerings and introducing online payments. 

Cooperative Extensions play a critical role in America’s efforts to broaden access to education and ensure the labor force remains at the cutting edge of industrial change. And while their decentralized model goes back over a century, their management practices are unfortunately stuck in the same era.

At Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE), they wanted to improve transparency and access to all their offerings (spread over 100+ field offices), allow clients to pay online and maintain consistency in program management. However, none of these changes could come at the cost of the decentralized program design and delivery that’s at the core of the DNA of Cooperative Extensions.

VCE turned to Destiny One, the customer lifecycle management (CLM) software platform by Destiny Solutions. By implementing Destiny One, VCE has:

  • Improved marketing and program accessibility
  • Allowed more flexibility around program design
  • Launched a world class eCommerce-capable website offering an Amazon-like experience
  • Created a secure environment in compliance with state and federal guidelines

Learn more about VCE’s experience with Destiny One, and find out how the Destiny One CLM could help your Cooperative Extension improve back-end efficiency while remaining responsive to local needs.

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