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Scaling Up Smartly

How One School Leveraged the Destiny One Platform to Stand Out from the Competition

A Case Study

Destiny One is helping a small division punch above its weight at the University of Delaware's Division of Professional and Continuing Studies

Located within a two-hour drive from three major US metropolises, the Division of Professional and Continuing Studies at the University of Delaware (UD PCS) is ideally positioned to grow its base of non-traditional learners.

The challenge? So are several other top-tier institutions in the area - with deeper pockets and sophisticated marketing strategies. 

With a goal of increasing its base of non-traditional learners, UD PCS turned to Destiny One to find an innovative, cloud-based solution to help increase the division's market share, distinguish itself from its competitors and streamline services for a more robust student and staff experience. 

In this case study, find out how Destiny One is helping UD PCS grow through:

  • Leveraging Destiny One's data visualization and reporting tools to better understand performace across every level of the division
  • Streamlining workflows and automation tools to better respond to market demand and focus on student service 
  • Optimizing marketing efforts 
  • Providing students with the high-quality online experience they expect, without straining UD PCS's human or financial resources
  • Partnering with colleauges across campus by simplfying conference registration and hosting

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