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Building Pathways to Degrees for Non-Traditional Learners

How Destiny One supports UCSB Professional and Continuing Education's work with credit-seeking students.

At the University of California, Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education (UCSB PCE), the Open University provides is an innovative answer to a common main campus problem: empty seats.

By enabling non-traditional students to enroll in credit-bearing classes with available space, the Open University helps the main campus fill courses with low enrollment while providing non-traditional students with a low-cost pathway towards academic credit. What’s more, since students enroll through UCSB PCE rather than main campus, they get a student experience designed specifically to address their needs.

It’s an elegant solution, made possible by the robust Destiny One customer lifecycle management (CLM) platform developed by Destiny Solutions. The CLM integrates with main campus systems, while providing UCSB PCE's students with the seamless online experience they expect from a leading academic institution—all while maximizing resources and profit.

In this case study, learn about how Destiny One is helping UCSB PCE:
  • Optimize university resources by filling otherwise empty seats in credit-bearing courses 
  • Empower data-driven decision-making by collecting and leveraging in-depth student data
  • Deliver a great student experience by putting the needs of non-traditional learners first

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