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Transparency, Data and Divisional Management

Using Data to Improve Long-Term Strategy and Every-Day Decision Making

How Destiny One is helping divisions collect, analyze and leverage the data they need to succeed

Modern higher education institutions can’t rely on anecdote and intuition to spur growth—they need a strong culture of collecting, analyzing and leveraging data to inform both long-term strategic development and every-day decision making.

Of course, historically this has been challenging for non-traditional divisions, since most systems are designed to support and report on the work of units working with 18-22 year old degree-seeking students.

With Destiny One, the Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) software platform by Destiny Solutions, non-traditional division leaders at colleges and universities across North America can take ownership of their data and leverage 150 out-of-the-box reports to respond to real-time divisional needs, improve their student experience and stand out above their competitors.  

In this white paper, learn how Destiny One is helping:

  • UC Berkeley Extension leverage its back-end systems to maximize its resources 
  • Western University's Division of Continuing Studies measure and report on key performance metrics in real time
  • University of Delaware Professional and Continuing Studies improve marketing effectiveness and grow enrollments 

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