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University of San Diego

Staying Nimble and Agile at University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education

A Case Study

Destiny One is helping USD PCE deliver a rich student experience while increasing staff efficiency and capacity.

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In today’s non-credit education marketplace, institutions have to serve students’ needs in order to stay competitive. This case study outlines how the University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education (USD PCE) has benefitted from implementing Destiny Solution's customer lifecycle management software, Destiny One.   

  • Accelerate time-to-market for new offerings by automating workflows
  • Unbundle non-credit offerings, making more of existing content
  • Connect the website, course calendar, LMS and portals to display the right information to the right audience
  • Prioritize a high quality student experience
  • Allow staff to focus on high-value work rather than menial administrative tasks

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