Serve Non-Traditional Learners With a Purpose-Built System


Destiny One® helps you unite, understand, and control all your business aspects including curriculum management, enrollment, marketing, finance and reporting.

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Trusted by continuing education, workforce development, and other non-traditional divisions.


Trusted by Non-Traditional Divisions

Supporting Continuing Education, Workforce Development and Specialty Programs


Destiny One has been crafted specifically for higher education administrators serving non-traditional students. Destiny One allows colleges and universities to deliver education across the modern lifelong learning lifecycle, supports revenue and enrollment growth through an eCommerce-enhanced customer experience, secures sensitive data, and delivers the agility needed for today’s institutions to be competitive. 

Destiny One Student Lifecycle Management Platform

Manage the entire student lifecycle and engage learners like customers at every step


Serve Learners

Create a modern and personalized administrative experience that fits conveniently into learners’ busy lives 


Grow Programs

Manage the entire course approval and creation process efficiently so that you can scale existing offerings and launch new ones 


Convert Prospetcs

Leverage eCommerce best practices to transform your website into a conversion engine that turns prospects into enrollees 


Unify Operations

Gain economies of scale by standardizing how you manage and report on all of your non-traditional programs 


Improve Efficiencies

Shift staff focus away from administration and towards more impactful work by automating repetitive tasks and leveraging workflows 



Establish Security

Develop a risk-based security strategy that keeps pace with security threats and challenges 

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Destiny Solutions is SOC 2 compliant. We take security and privacy very seriously and understand its importance for our clients and the students they serve. Destiny Solutions has made substantial investments in security and privacy controls and tests against all OWASP top-10 attacks on an ongoing basis