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Meet Modern Campus Pathways, purposely built for higher ed institutions to centralize career, salary, and education information that is needed for students to decide their learning journeys and career pathways in any geographical region of the country.


Pathways - Job Market Outlook

Show Job Market Data for Relevant Careers

Career Pathways: Job Market Outlook

  • Display relevant labor market data including salary, job postings and projected growth on your course, program or certificate pages.
  • Add a Call-to-Action button to encourage students to enroll or meet with an advisor. 
  • Target prospects who know what to study: as prospects search for specific programs or certificates, Job Market Outlook is the perfect solution to provide relevant career information. 

This feature is available in: Modern Campus Omni CMS, Destiny One & Acalog


Provide Details on Careers & Required Programs

Career Pathways: Career and Program Explorer

  • Offer a powerful search tool for learners to research specific careers. Display comprehensive search results that include details on jobs, salaries and programs your institution offers to help learners plan their academic path.
  • Target prospects with specific careers in mind: let your prospects search for a specific career, its current status, and related programs that are offered by your institution.

This feature is available in: Modern Campus Omni CMS & Destiny One

Pathways CPE Animated
Pathways - Persona Guides

Guide Students through Personas and Objectives

Career Pathways: Persona Guides

  • Allow prospects to choose one of the common personas or objectives to guide their educational or career directions.
  • Personalize personas or objectives that are unique to your institution. If you have seen great outcomes from programs for business owners, creating an entrepreneur persona and providing relevant information will help prospects to find what they need quickly.
  • Target prospects who have less direction: not all prospects have clear direction. Help them identify their educational or career goals and how to get started.

This feature is available in: Modern Campus Omni CMS & Destiny One



Why Modern Campus Pathways?


Instantly offer career data for over 1,600 occupation groups in North America.


Offer career and job information within a geographical search area.


Allow learners to find career information within your website.

Pathways in Action

Job Market Outlook


Step 1: Search for a location or click the Current Location icon in the search bar on top

Step 2: Check how the career information updates

Step 3: Expand each occupation to see more job titles for each occupation group


The following settings have been configured for this demo:

  • Program: Engineering
  • Default Location: United States of America
  • Theme color: Blue
  • Calls to Action (CTA): None


Use Case: Central Oregon Community College


Integrate Pathways

Pathways comes with all the required job market data needed to seamlessly integrate with Modern Campus Omni CMS and Modern Campus Destiny One with only a few clicks!




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