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Webinar: Adapting to the 60 Year Curriculum

Delivering Conscious Education to Lifelong Learners

Higher education is no longer a single point in an individual’s life, and colleges and universities can no longer assume that engaging with learners along the traditional student lifecycle will meet their evolving needs.

Individuals today no longer live three stage lives that progress in a linear fashion from education into career into retirement. The 100 Year Life is multi-stage, complex and—given the challenges of the evolving labor market—requires individuals to regularly upskill and reskill to remain relevant and upwardly-mobile.

To meet this evolved need, colleges and universities need to closely examine their approach to programming, credentialing and service to ensure they’re meeting the needs of their learners and their mission.

This webinar will dive into the realities facing today’s college and university leaders, and will share insights from The EvoLLLution community—as well as two senior leaders on a panel—to reflect upon how the 60 Year Curriculum model might provide a framework to help modern institutions adjust.

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