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Leverage Star Ratings to Attract Learners

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Modern learners are savvy shoppers. The old approaches to attracting their attentioncampus visits, physical coursebooks– don't work anymore. These learners conduct extensive research before selecting a particular course or a program.

While they do so, they look for online information such as program ratings and reviews. Google has found that 6% of adult learners who plan to enroll in a postsecondary program within 12 months found digital resources critical to their decision-making process. This makes the availability of information through your digital channels, such as your website, all the more critical.

While you may provide them with all the information, what’s the point if your program page is not searchable? What if it doesn’t rank well in comparison to your peers?

Make your offerings stand out with solutions like the Destiny One Student Lifecycle Management platform. With its Ratings and Reviews module that leverages Expirically® you can collect star ratings and written reviews, and grab students’ attention.

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