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Harper College

Providing a Seamless Online Experience at Harper's Division of Workforce Solutions

A Case Study

How Destiny One is helping Harper CE transform the student and staff experience and exceed expectations

Adult learners want quick, seamless access to high quality continuing education and professional development programming. While Harper College's Division of Workforce Solutions (Harper CE) was delivering the educational experience that students were looking for, its complicated online registration process was not delivering an experience designed for adults. As a result, staff were spending their time on low-level tasks that could be easily automated.

Harper CE met this challenge by implementing Destiny One, the Customer Lifecycle Management platform designed by Destiny Solutions. Purpose-built for non-traditional education, Destiny One enabled Harper CE to provide the seamless online experience that its students were looking for, with the added benefit of minimizing administrative burdens for staff.

In this case study, learn how Destiny One helped Harper CE:

  • Foster enrollment growth through data-driven marketing and outreach
  • Increase margins on additional revenue-generating streams, including conference management and family enrollments 
  • Stand out from its competitors by delivering the intuitive customer experience that learners expect
  • Grow the percentage of registrations processed online from 35% to 93% in their first enrollment period after implementation
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