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Serve Your Non-Traditional Students With Self-Service Tools and Improve Their Experience

Non-traditional student expectations are increasingly being shaped by the experience they get from leading eCommerce providers like Amazon and Uber. These students have become so used to shopping for things independently, that they want the same experience from their education provider.

Your students, today, value experience and if you fail to provide them with the service they expect, you may lose them. Just like Amazon and Uber, give your customers–students–access to self-service tools and let them manage their own experience.      

You can make this possible with software that brings eCommerce best practices to your website. With self-service tools, your students can complete most administrative tasks–registering for programs, paying fees, ordering transcripts, tracking credentials–on their own.  

Providing better service will earn you the gratitude of your students. They feel satisfied and will stay with you for longer. What’s more, your staff get valuable time back to focus on activities that matter.

Fill out the form and read our paper that discusses self-service in higher education and how the right software enables it for your students. 

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