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CalArts Extended Studies

Making Scale a Reality

A Case Study

How Destiny One is helping CalArts Extended Studies improve its back-end processes, transform customer engagement and manage its online identity. 

As one of the most renowned higher education institutions for professional artists, the California University of the Arts (CalArts) attracts visionary talents that shape how we see and respond to the world. CalArts Extended Studies broadens that mission, bringing the institution's uniquely innovative programming to emerging artists and lifelong learners.

Unfortunately, the division’s archaic back-end systems and reliance on the main campus student information system created administrative inefficiencies, an unideal customer experience, as well as a lack of distinct identity.

In 2017, CalArts Extended Studies turned to Destiny One, the customer lifecycle management system developed by Destiny Solutions, to take control of their infrastructure, improve marketing efforts and modernize the student experience. 
In this case study, find out how Destiny One is helping CalArts Extended Studies:
  • Design and develop a state-of-the-art website with a brand identity distinct from that of the main campus 
  • Simplify administrative systems, application processes and data processing, linking with main campus where needed 
  • Deliver a student-centric, Amazon-like online experience 
  • Innovate and launch courses and programs with the flexibility needed to respond to a rapidly changing industry

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