Modern Campus Partners


Preferred Payment Partners


TouchNet is a Modern Campus partner.

TouchNet (United States)

TouchNet offers a turnkey, pre-integrated solution that’s easy to implement and use. Once activated, it delivers secure, flat-rate payment processing between the school, Destiny One, and TouchNet.  Schools aren’t required to have an established relationship with TouchNet to take advantage of its payment processing solution. TouchNet handles technical setup and coordinates service implementation among all parties; it also provides schools with premium support and ongoing processing portal access for a truly turnkey experience. 

CardConnect is a Modern Campus partner.

CardConnect (United States)

CardConnect is a payments platform that helps businesses of all sizes grow through the seamless integration of secure payment processing to industry-leading software solutions like Destiny One. Since 2006 CardConnect has been busy developing and advancing payment solutions protected by their patented, PCI-validated security defenses. CardConnect was acquired by First Data in 2017 and is now part of Fiserv.

Bluefin is a Modern Campus partner.

Bluefin (United States)

Bluefin is the leading provider of PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solutions, providing Destiny One customers integrated payment processing backed by the security of PCI P2PE. The Bluefin/Destiny One P2PE offering secures credit and debit card transactions by encrypting all data within a PCI-approved point of entry device, preventing clear-text cardholder data from being available within the device or in the merchant’s system where exposure to malware is possible.

Moneris is a Modern Campus partner.

Moneris (Canada)

Moneris is Canada’s largest provider of innovative solutions for mobile, online and in-store payments, processing more than one in three transactions. With its powerful and secure ecommerce solution, higher education institutions can accept online debit and credit card payments from students easily and securely. Offering a range of robust features like fraud protection, digital wallet support, and tokenization, Moneris can align with your different payment needs. You can also enjoy the benefits of our 24/7 support, as well as reporting and analytics tools.

PayPal is a Modern Campus partner.

PayPal (Worldwide)

Destiny One supports PayPal Checkout. It offers a robust and mobile-optimized checkout option that is proven to increase checkout conversions by 27% on average. Through one simple integration, and using self-service configuration tools in Destiny One, your school can enable PayPal as an additional payment method.

Flywire is a Modern Campus partner.

Flywire (Worldwide)

Flywire solves complex payment problems for students and educational institutions. Flywire removes boundaries by connecting millions of students with more than 2,000 institutions to improve the payment experience worldwide. Backed by their powerful global payment network, Flywire’s comprehensive receivables solution delivers on life's most important moments by enabling institutions to seamlessly receive and reconcile payments from anyone, anywhere in the world–at any time. Destiny One fully integrates with Flywire to support cross-border payments.


Technology Partner





Modern Campus Lumens integrates with Anthology Student to provide best-in-class continuing education experiences to learners, while retaining Anthology as the system of record.

Ellucian is a Modern Campus partner.



Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of software and services that power the essential work of colleges and universities. More than 2,500 institutions in nearly 50 countries rely on Ellucian to enhance operations and enrich the student experience for over 18 million students.


Integration Partners


Axiom Elite is a Modern Campus partner.

Axiom Elite

Axiom Elite allows institutions to integrate their data across their campus by connecting their ERP with other third party data sources. It provides two-way communication that enables you to move data back and forth between your centralized database and third-party systems.


Product Partners




BCdiploma provides your students with secure, personalized, and portable digital credentials using blockchain technology. TOEIC and over 170 institutions across 21 countries already trust us.

Credly is a Modern Campus partner.


Credly is the end-to-end solution for creating, issuing and managing digital credentials. Thousands of organizations use Credly to recognize achievement.

Credly is a Modern Campus partner.


Trusted by over 2,000 schools and universities worldwide, Formstack gives you the tools to quickly build forms and surveys without having to deal with messy coding. Formstack's drag-and-drop form builder can help you create custom branded forms in minutes that you can display on your website or send to students, faculty, and alumni. Increase your website conversion rates and improve student engagement with powerful tools that let you track conversions, A/B test forms, and collect information in real time.

Tableau is a Modern Campus partner.


Tableau is the world's leading analytics platform. Tableau helps people see and understand data. The visual analytics platform is transforming the way people use data to solve problems. With built-in visual best practices, Tableau provides limitless data exploration without interrupting your flow of analysis.


Design Partners


25th Hour Communications is a Modern Campus partner.

25th Hour Communications

25th Hour Communications offers web content writing and accessibility mitigation for higher education clients. 25th Hour web content agents rewrite outdated and incorrect content, review and edit submitted work, and develop fresh, new content to fit your web design while reinforcing your brand. For accessibility mitigation, 25th Hour helps prioritize your accessibility issues and then brings your website into compliance with the technical and legal requirements for Section 508/WCAG 2.0 standards.

Beacon Technologies is a Modern Campus partner.

Beacon Technologies

Beacon is a recognized leader in web design, development, and Google Analytics for higher education and Ecommerce. It's full-service "Brains, Beauty & Brawn" approach consistently delivers websites that truly engage visitors and support the business goals of their clients. This only happens by having a dedicated and collaborative staff, under one roof, that carefully integrates today's data-driven strategy, creative marketing and innovative technology into their solutions.

idfive is a Modern Campus partner.


Combining strategic marketing expertise with extensive experience building websites for a wide variety of academic institutions ranging from small private colleges to Ivy League schools and state land grant institutions, idfive communicates the total experience of your institution, both online and offline.

iFactory is a Modern Campus partner.


iFactory delivers innovative, inspiring, and intelligent interactive solutions to organizations in a variety of verticals, including higher education, publishing, health care, and nonprofit. The company brings together design vision, engineering knowledge, and project management skills that result in the highest quality digital media solutions every time, on time. iFactory is a division of RDW Group, a leading integrated communications firm.

MRW Connected is a Modern Campus partner.

MRW Connected

MRW Connected provides custom web solutions to educators, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and just about anyone else working to make the world a better place. They love to solve complicated problems with technology and good old fashioned human smarts.

mStoner is a Modern Campus partner.


mStoner helps clients tell their authentic stories by clarifying their unique brand value proposition, creating a content strategy to communicate the brand effectively, and implementing compelling and dynamic communications across the web, mobile, social media, print, and other channels. mStoner focuses on research, data, and results. Since 2001, mStoner has worked with more than 300 colleges, universities, and professional schools in the U.S. and abroad.

NewCity is a Modern Campus partner.


NewCity is an interactive design agency specializing in websites, apps, and promotional campaigns. NewCity brings together a team of designers, coders, thinkers, writers, and strategists whose driving purpose is to dig through all the grime and grit, dust off your unique situation, and build you something spectacular, functional, and that's unmistakably you.

Northwoods is a Modern Campus partner.


At Northwoods, you'll find a true digital partner — a digital best friend — who's focused on your ultimate success and happiness. Since 1997, Northwoods has designed and developed websites for dozens of higher education and nonprofit clients that excel in design, user experience and accessibility. In addition to website strategy, design and front-end development, Northwoods digital strategists help companies achieve their goals through persona creation, ongoing digital marketing and advertising services, web analytics and more.

PS&L is a Modern Campus partner.


Paskill is a leading higher education marketing agency that has been shaping the future of institutions since 1986.  Through collaborative partnerships and data-driven strategies, Paskill accelerates enrollment growth at colleges and universities nationwide. A Top 10 Higher Education Marketing Agency and a Top 10 Student Engagement Solutions Provider, Paskill has earned hundreds of industry awards for exceptional marketing creative. Creative that compels student action and brings enrollment funnels to life.

P'UNK Ave is a Modern Campus partner.


Since 2005, P’unk Ave has been committed to solving problems and exploring new opportunities for people and organizations making a positive social impact. Our most valued, ongoing partnerships are clients working in the fields of education, health and wellness, civic responsibility, design, or arts and culture—this is by intention. We believe that being connected to the work you are doing on a deeper level allows for amazing results. You cannot fake that and so we don’t try.

Red Rooster Design is a Modern Campus partner.

Red Rooster Design

Red Rooster Design specializes in graphic and web solutions for clients both big and small. They have over 18 years of experience designing and building websites specifically for higher education institutions. They consider their clients as partners and pride themselves on great design and customer service.

RNL + Converge is a Modern Campus partner.

RNL + Converge

RNL + Converge is the digital marketing agency for higher education, serving more than 100 institutions and 300 programs. They offer more comprehensive digital solutions, insightful analytics, and data-driven strategies than any other firm in higher education.

VisionPoint Marketing is a Modern Campus partner.

VisionPoint Marketing

VisionPoint Marketing partners with colleges, universities, and community colleges to provide planning, execution, and measurement of strategic marketing initiatives, including brand and messaging development, websites, online marketing, and integrated marketing programs. VisionPoint's primary differentiator is their ability to build consensus within large organizations through a strategic approach.

Yoodle is a Modern Campus partner.


Leveraging a client-driven iterative approach called Method Yoo™, Yoodle delivers innovative websites and web applications that are simple, manageable, and designed to achieve real business goals. Yoodle specializes in web design and development, content management, e-Commerce, custom software development, MS Dynamics, and MS SharePoint implementation and integration solutions for a variety of industries, including education.


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