A look at how non-traditional divisions in 2019 are transitioning to a lifelong learning model.

Education is not simply two or four years anymore. It’s a revolving door. A lifelong engagement that reaches all demographics in the community. Institutions are recognizing that they need to be flexible and versatile with academic outcomes. Loyal students will stay throughout their careers with an institution that educate them at every stage in their lives. 

In 2019, college and university leaders began sharing ideas for a postsecondary model that would engage learners throughout their lifetime, and deliver contextual and supportive programming and credentials that support their personal and career growth.

This eBook shares articles and interviews from leaders across the higher education community reflecting on how their institutions are evolving to help bridge this gap between students and the workforce.

The EvoLLLution’s 2019 Year in Review is organized into six chapters:

  •  60-Year Curriculum 
    What is this new model to support lifelong education?
  • Diversify Credentialing
    How can microcredentials help institutions serve students over a lifetime?
  • Establish a Metacurricular Framework
    How can institutions adapt programming to deliver a more complex and personalized education product?
  • Deliver Contextual Customer Service
    What does student-centricity look like today and into the future
  • Find New Funding Pathways
    Where can institutions look for solutions when faced with challenges?
  • Build a New Academic Tech Stack
    What does the infrastructure needed to support a 60-Year Curriculum look like?


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