A look back at higher education’s transformations in 2017

Colleges and universities are automating aspects of the administrative back end to allow staff to deliver a better student experience. They’re personalizing education and giving students more control over their educational journey. They’re finding ways to leverage data to ensure they’re actually addressing the needs of learners.

In 2017, higher education institutions doubled down on these efforts, finding ways to strategically leverage technology to serve students better. 

This eBook shares articles and interviews from leaders across the higher education community reflecting on how their institutions are evolving to meet the needs of modern students, and using technology not for its own sake, but to meet and exceed students’ expectations.

The EvoLLLution’s 2017 Year in Review is broken up into four chapters:

  1. Serving Today’s Students

Who are the learners of today, and what do they need from their institutions? 

  1. Leveraging IT to Understand Students Better

What role does technology play in serving learner needs and expectations?

  1. Data and a Strong Back-End: Supporting Students in the Modern Era

How can data and institutional infrastructure be best-positioned to deliver the ideal student experience? 

  1. Making the Supportive Environment a Reality

What do institutional leaders need to do to create a tech-enhanced supportive environment on their campus?

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