A look back at higher education’s transformations in 2016

2016 was an odd year for higher education. While years past have been specifically defined by a major trend or shift—be it MOOCs, the recognition of students as customers or the rise of corporate learning—2016 was different.

This year was defined by institution's going to work on shaping their institutions to meet the needs of the shifting student demographic. 

This eBook is broken down into four chapters:

  1. Reimagining Higher Education
    The traditional measures of defining institutional value no longer make sense. Where does our industry go in the "post-rankings" era?
  2. Making Higher Ed Relevant to Students
    Today's student demographic doesn't fit the traditional mold. Institutional leaders need to rethink what it takes to serve their customers.
  3. Transforming Institutional Management
    Postsecondary administrators are managers in large, complex organizations. It's time to start thinking about how to improve operational efficiency to create a more effective institution. 
  4. Keeping Up With the Changes
    Competing in a constantly transforming industry is no small feat. How can institutions begin to grow when the ground underneath them keeps moving?

A year without trends does not signal a year with no changes. Fill out this form to download the 2016 Year in Review eBook to find out what it takes to compete and succeed in today's transformative postsecondary environment. 

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