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Create Extraordinary Digital Experiences for Lifelong Learners

Grow and manage the business of continuing education and workforce development for your entire institution in a way your main-campus SIS or traditional systems weren’t designed to handle.

Facilitate and simplify the creation of new courses, programs and certificates.

Leverage your brand to stand out in a crowded market.

Deliver a personalized, eCommerce-enhanced registration experience.

System Administration
Tailor the system settings and behavior to meet your institutional policies.


Reporting & Dashboards
Create real-time visibility into performance and guarantee excellent data tracking.

Govern accounting and standardize business rules.

Provide self-service personalized portals for families, students, faculty, corporations, and administrators.

Security & Privacy
Comply with the industry-leading standards: PCI-DSS, SOC-2, WCAG, FERPA, FIPPA, GDPR, CCPA




Of adults considering enrollment in an education program prefer non-degree, alternative programming.



Of American jobs since 2020 require some postsecondary education or training but less than a bachelor's degree.



Of workers require new skills to improve employability.

Continuing Education Software Systems - Destiny One & Lumens - Main Section

Engage Learners & Drive High Retention

  • Simplify registrations 
  • Increase conversions 
  • Transform re-enrollment 
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment 
  • Recover prospects

Enable Customized Offerings for Corporate Partners

  • Offer customized catalogs of courses and certificates that meet unique learning objectives. 
  • Automate billing, invoicing and discount processes for corporate clients.
  • Provide simplified batch enrollment processes to streamline access to offerings. (available in Destiny One)
  • Create dedicated landing pages for each partner. (available in Destiny One)
Continuing Education Software Systems - Destiny One - Corporate Engagement Manager
Continuing Education Software Systems - Destiny One - Digital Credentials

Offer Digital Credentials That Today’s Learners & Employers Want

  • Simplify the attainment and awarding of short-term credentials. 
  • Customize the design and content of certificates that learners can share online. 
  • Automate the process of creating, managing, and awarding certificates and badges.  
  • Issue forgery-proof, verifiable digital credentials.

Make the ROI of Higher Ed Clear

  • Allow learners to evaluate programs and career pathways. 
  • Engage with persona and objective based pathways. 
  • Display relevant career and data on your website, including salary and projected growth. 
  • Help learners find critical information or register without leaving your website.

Available in Destiny One

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Continuing Education Software Systems - Destiny One - Pathways

We're the Non-Traditional Student Management Leader



Thought Leadership

Articles, interviews and insights in The EvoLLLution, our online publication, from thought leaders who are passionate about the future of higher education.


Deep Expertise

We are customer obsessed with over 360 institutions that rely on Modern Campus for guidance and expertise to manage and grow their non-traditional programs.


Customer Results

We enable a modern learner experience so students easily find relevant offerings, place them in a cart, pay and register – growing your enrolments and revenue.


Integrate With Your Tech Ecosystem

Integration Overview



Connect With Your Existing Systems

  • Website and CMS: Use Destiny One’s public view or integrate with your CMS. 
  • Payment Processors: Manage online payments and refunds in real time. 
  • Authentication and Identity Management: Manage authentication in real time. 
  • LMS: Facilitate live access to courseware & automated grade processing. 
  • CRM & Marketing Automation: Build full-funnel visibility. 
  • SIS: Sync student, enrollment and financial data between platforms.





Over 360 higher ed institutions thrive with Modern Campus Destiny One and Lumens.


Up to 19%

Average enrollment growth for Destiny One and Lumens customers.



Staff time savings for Destiny One and Lumens customers.


Extend Your Capabilities With Our Continuing Education Software

With optional modules, you can create a customized non-traditional student experience for your institution. 



Clearly connect courses and programs to career ROI.

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Digital Credentials

Digital Credentials

Automate micro-credentialing process.

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Bring data to life and make it work for you.

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Proctor and Exam Scheduling

Proctor & Exam Scheduling

Create automated, student-first exam scheduling.

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Corporate Engagement Manager

Corporate Engagement Manager

Foster and manage compelling corporate partnerships through corporate and contract training.

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International and Specialty Programs Manager

International & Specialty Programs Manager

Engage international and ESL audiences more effectively.

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Language Packs

Language Packs

Translate your website, student portal and key communications.

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Language Packs

Signal Vine + Lumens Connector

Scale your engagement by combining Modern Campus Signal Vine with Lumens

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Language Packs

Omni CMS + Destiny One Connector

Supercharge your Continuing Ed catalog presentation with Omni CMS

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Marketing Automation

CRM & Marketing Automation

Expand interaction with your customers through marketing tools.

Gain the Most Value from Modern Campus

Let us diagnose your operational processes and share our best practices.


Operational Health Check

University of Calgary

“There’s an expertise that comes when you bring in somebody who has knowledge from supporting the product for other clients. They brought that world vision to us and helped us to broaden our narrow vision.”



Over 360 Universities and Colleges Trust Modern Campus

Continuing Education Software Systems - Destiny One at Ryerson

Nothing could compete with Destiny One. Not only does it deliver the Amazon experience and seamlessness we were looking for, but it has a range of different modules and integrations that make the product stand out."

Dean of Continuing Education, Ryerson University - Ryerson University


increase in course enrollments through 2020, despite program changes caused by the pandemic

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Continuing Education Software Systems - NICC - Testimonial

Lumens allows students to register any time of day. This opened staff time immensely. We saw an immediate shift to 34% self-registration online."

Director of Operations, NICC Business and Community Solutions - Northeast Iowa Community College


increase in self-registration

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Continuing Education Software Systems - Read the Berkeley Extention case study!

After moving over to Destiny One we had a web catalogue that was produced by Destiny One, with all the content already in it rather than having to be manually transcribed from one system into the marketing material."

Business Analyst, UC Berkeley Extension - UC Berkeley Extension


Of different applications and processes were moved fully onto Destiny One.

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Continuing Education Software Systems - Read the University of Minnesota case study!

From a collegiate level, several have been able to reduce the number of merchant accounts and benefited from having a single administrative support unit catered to non-credit activities."

Associate Director of Academic Support Resources-IT, University of Minnesota - University of Minnesota


Of estimated annual savings.

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Read the Temple University case study!

We’re helping people shift their focus from administrative work to the things that matter: program development, marketing, and curriculum."

Associate Vice Provost, Temple University - Temple University


Of expected revenue growth.

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