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Increase Student Success With Optimized Class Schedules

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Control Your Class Scheduling Processes

Classroom bookings became easier. Reduce time scheduling and class schedule planning errors while increasing visibility into resource usage with a single tool that can be configured to work like you do.



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Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets


  • Organize, monitor and forecast classroom space by college or department in a single dashboard with a booking system that helps you schedule classes.
  • Find schedule problems during planning and maximize instructor and room resources across campus.


The Modern Campus Advantage

Serve students across their entire journey, from exploration to registration.


Web Content Management | Omni CMS

Integrate Acalog with the #1 CMS choice in higher ed and enhance digital experience.

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Catalog Management | Acalog

Provide an intuitive catalog experience to engage students with Acalog.

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Curriculum Management | Curriculog

Seamlessly manage curriculum with Curriculog and publish interactive catalog with Acalog.

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Student Schedule Optimization | Register

Allow students to select desired courses from Acalog and optimize their schedule in Register at once.

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Career Pathways Planning | Pathways

Empower students to understand the ROI of courses and programs without leaving your website.

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Integrate with Campus Systems

Our nearly 20 years of experience working with diverse academic institutions enables us to integrate data with a range of student information systems (SIS), including PeopleSoft and Ellucian Ethos, Banner and Colleague, as well as homegrown and other SIS. The experienced integration team works with clients to plan and execute a successful and smooth integration.


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This process has needed to be improved for decades at our institution."

Registrar - Edgewood College