Could an International English Language Program be the funnel accelerator your institution needs?


Once upon a time, North America dominated the market in International English Language Programs (IELP). Now North American colleges and universities are not only facing competition from established units in other countries, they are also competing with the global reach of online programs.

Fortunately, there are specific steps that North American institutions can take to re-capture the top spot in global English study abroad education.  With a long-term view, this market can even become a lucrative funnel into the institution's degree or diploma programs. 

The articles included in this eBook were picked specifically to introduce institutions to the strategic planning elements necessary to create or improve your international English language programs.

This eBook offers a collection of articles including perspectives on:

  • Understanding study abroad barriers and how to overcome them
  • How planning and differentiation can help an IELP program be successful
  • Setting up your program to realize long-term goals

Reading this eBook will give you high-level perspectives as well as actionable, strategic takeaways.

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