McHenry County College Revolutionizes Productivity and Student Satisfaction

How one small but mighty community college introduced self-service registration and created business efficiencies with Modern Campus Lumens

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In this case study: Shannon Seebach, Workforce Training Program Specialist and Catherine Jones, Associate Vice President of Workforce Development

It's much easier in Lumens to build a class, particularly with the ability to clone a previous offering. The process is more efficient and accurate than it was using Colleague.

Shannon Seebach

The Challenge

Clunky self-registration navigation   

As demand for non-credit program offerings at McHenry Community College (MCC) grew, their need for appropriate systems to manage the non-credit learner experience accelerated.

Catherine Jones, Associate Vice President of Workforce Development, said without better tools MCC could not deliver the student experience modern learners expect.

“We had outgrown the current user interface in terms of self-registration,” Jones said.

While on their thorough search for the right tech solution that could facilitate simple site navigation and course registration, Jones added that it was critical to find a system that would help them unify their credit and non-credit “sides of house” to make the college easier for students to navigate.

Challenging business processes

In terms of financial management, Shannon Seebach, MCC’s Workforce Training Program Specialist, struggled with antiquated processes around invoice generation. She explained working solely in MCC’s main campus ERP created layers of manual work because the system is not designed for the needs of non-credit or corporate education.

“It was a very arduous process navigating from screen to screen. Just to get an invoice created it had to be manipulated into a PDF and edited to resemble an invoice,” Seebach said. “That was very time consuming.”

The Solution & Result

One-stop shop student management system for non-traditional learners

Continuing Ed leaders across the country are becoming aware of the modern learner’s desire for an Amazon-like experience with few clicks, an add to cart function, and speed. However, this desire does not stop at learners. Staff also dream of intuitive, easy to use systems to maximize their productivity.

When MCC’s Workforce Development division selected and implemented Modern Campus Lumens, the difference was stark. Not only were more students able to self-register with new ease ,but document processing also became streamlined. During the first year of implementation, self-registration increased from 2% of all registration activity to 23%.

“Student communication, such as confirmation emails, transaction receipts and other class related communication is automated.” said Seebach. “With the previous system we had to manually create every email and it was a lot more work.”

Leveraging Lumens delivered time savings to both learners and staff with a streamlined experience that improved operations.

Increasing the number of community members who are able to self-register has taken pressure off of our registration team and allowed them to attend to other duties.

Catherine Jones

McHenry County College's Favorite Features

Financial Management

Class Schedule Administration

Seamless Integration

Generate vendor invoices, individualized budgets, customized workflows and more—all hassle-free.

Build and clone recurring class offerings in minutes with sleek intuitive technology.

Simultaneously manage non-credit and credit courses with the smoothest ERP integration.


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